Women will only date tall men, but yet they love tiny dogs?! What gives?

I just thought about this, when I was answering

a question about Latina's lol.

So, women like obsess over and man's

height and if he's not tall she won't date him.

However, women like to carry tiny dogs and

think they're oh-so-cute. So, she'll carry a

tiny dog, but won't date a short guy? Why

is that lol?

It's kinda like if women only like short guys,

but had to have a Great Dane. I be asking the

same thing. Only it would be "You want a

big dog, but you won't date a tall guy lol."'

Has anybody else ever thought that? Tis a weird

question, but I tis a weird a person :P


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  • Having dated a tall guy, and having a very tiny dog, I suppose I'm part of the target audience...

    Having a very tiny dog is like having a baby or a cute little kid; it's adorable and we want to cuddle it and protect it and things like that. Maybe girls think of guys the same way, that the taller one is able to protect them, and he's someone who they can admire, someone who is manly; things like that. I think women generally don't want to think of their man as a cute little boy, while being his cute petite girl has a certain appeal... I really hope that came out right. Thoughts?

    But sometimes, I don't have a clue why a lot of women want to date tall guys. I'm very short (5'1") and I've found that tallness is not something I'm crazy about in either gender. It looks great, but things can feel awkward when people are nearly a foot taller than me (or more). I guess the reason is that I feel that people who are much taller than me have a tendency to treat me as though I'm younger. The tall guy I used to date patted me on the head like I was a five-year-old, on a few different occasions. It was very annoying. I also feel that hugs and things are more awkward when my arms are so short... Tipping his head or bending his neck wouldn't work out at all for kissing, I'd think, since I can barely even reach my arms around a tall person's neck when I stand on tiptoe... But maybe that's because I'm just shorter than most women are. I wouldn't want to date someone who was shorter than me, though, because usually the only people shorter than me are children, and I don't want to think of that sort of connection when I look at my partner.

    So... Tiny dog=Baby, Man=/=Baby. Man (supposedly)=Big Strong Knight. I think that's the general idea.

    • Right? It's totally unrelated!

      Plus, small/tiny dogs are like perpetual puppies! Mine still does goofy stuff. xD

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  • There's kind of a big difference lol.

  • It seems like there's no logical relationship between the two.

    It must be founded on the basis of preference.

  • First I must be honest and say this is a dumb troll question.

    Girls prefer tall men, just like men prefer girls with big boobs. That is just in general. But you don't see all shorter men being single, nor do you see all the small boobed women single. Also tall is relative. For someone who is 5'4'' (average English speaking women height), 5'9'' (average English speaking male height) can be tall. Whereas a 5'8'' woman will think that 6' guy is tall.

    Women probably like small dogs since they can stick them in their purse.

    • Once I had to ask one of my friends what "trolling" meant, but I still don't quite understand lol.

      So how I can do something I don't know what it is? Also, I know it's odd question but NOBODY answers

      my legit questions. So, if you can't beat'em, join'em.

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    • I totally want to walk around with a dog in my purse, but then I would be -that- lady. >,>

    • Following the crowd to get your questions answered.

  • That's so wrong. My girlfriend loves bigger dogs and bigger guys (yeah in both areas lol) and tall guys (also in both areas lol).


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  • I love small dogs, but I would date a guy 5'3" and up. Just saying. :p

    • Aside from myself, you're a rare exception to that. Most girls like tall men.

    • Really? I mean, I have no problem with tall guys and would date one happily if the chemistry was there, but I have dated guys who claimed to be 5'8", 5'9" and were really like 5'4" and I was perfectly happy, because they were different from me (stronger, etc.). Interesting.


  • A dog isn't a guy so yea, that has nothing to do with anything

    I like tall men but I don't dislike shorter men

  • I don't know many girls who actually care about a guy's height, and the few I do know who do all prefer large dogs. But they have nothing to do with each other anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

    • well girls do care girls are actually more shallow then guys. girls want a taller guy then them the taller the better.

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    • from my experience women at least want a guy taller then they are.

    • "The taller the better" is not true, wonderful2nite. I'm really short and the taller they are, the more awkward it feels. That said, a guy shorter than me would have to be 5'0" or shorter. How many adult guys that height do you find?

  • Height isn't important to me. I'm 5'5" and I've dated men that were shorter than me before.

    And I love all dogs :-)