Going nowhere or what to do....

Its takes time...

Men know what they want and what they don't want?

We met as co-worker, see each other everyday, we hang out.

It been couples months now.. and still just dating but not exclusive. But now he no longer working with me.

He always saying text/call me to me. I say the same to him.

We don't hear back from each other.

I have a feeling that he not going to text or call me and will try to get a hold of me for a very long time. And who know maybe expect thing to be the same.


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  • Basically this is the game of chicken that always occurs in dating. This is how it works.

    Guy is waiting for girl to make a move so he doesn't get played by another flirtatious girl who just wants to be his friend. Girl is waiting for guy to make a move, so she can be sure he's actually into her and that her mind isn't just playing games on her.

    Point is, its always the guy who expected to flinch first, because societal norms tell us that guys should go around chasing girls and making all the moves. Obviously to a degree, everyone should make a solid effort in going after people they are interested in, guy or girl. The problem is you get some guys, and by some I mean about half of them, who for whatever reason, whether it be lack of confidence, insecurities, bad past experiences, lack of experience with women, busy schedule, etc. just don't really take a whole lot of initiative when it comes to dating. At least not as much as the stereotype of men says they should. Most guys don't fit the text book view of a guy that he will chase a girl to the ends of the earth and will be unable to hold back from contacting her.

    What this all means, is if a girl is dealing with a guy who is in the top 10% in terms of assertiveness, and she's shy herself, you are left with a Mexican stand off. Both parties are waiting for the other to show the first sign of interest, but nobody has the balls the make the first move.

    There is nothing wrong with you contacting him, but he should do the same. Both of you need to make an effort. That being said, I don't know the details of your past. For all I know, he's made enough of an effort in his eyes and now he's waiting for you to step up to the plate.


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  • this relationship is so over. You need to move on because he has and is definitely seeing other girls.

  • It seems that you need to find a new guy for yourself. That guy has already lose interest in you.


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