Do I tell him that I wanted to kiss him?

I went on a great second date with an incredible fun and mature guy who's 100% my type.. He planed an awesome date and was a total gentleman. He waited with me after for me to get a taxi and was very friendly.. But instead of a kiss goodnight we hugged.. Secretly I really wanted the kiss (we kissed on the first date but it felt awkward). Since the date I've initiated a small amount of texting.. EX: right after the date I made a joke about him being tiered saying are you sure it wasn't because of my bad stories and he responded definitely not I had fun it's just been a crazy week :) then I thanked him and told him I had fun to and maybe we could go for brunch when I'm on break (over a week ahead) he said sounds good lets be in touch goodnight... He and I don't text to much unless were making plans... So I texted him again 4 days later because I had an extra ticket to something he might enjoy that is related to my work and he kindly told me he couldn't this weekend because he would be at his parents for the whole weekend... I asked him how something he was doing over the weekend was and he never responded... I know that he can be crazy busy but still wtf... Should I /If I were to text him to wish him a happy holiday on Sunday and after he responds tell him that I want to confess something, I really wanted to kiss him on our last date, the attraction was there and he looked very handsome.. After he responds hopefully positively I can say that I will try to be less shy next time... Do you think this will work? I don't want to seem to eager but I do feel this way and I have been told that men enjoy complement in this nature

PS. were adults and he's 5 years older than I am, he's playful and young spirited but seems more mature then the men in their 20's that I typically date are

looking for a guys opinion... If I wanted a womans I would ask my friends and get a dif answer from each of them ha...


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  • That will work. Go for it.

    Next time when both of you will hang out, simply go in for the kiss. It's not awkward, and he'll totally enjoy it.

    • somehow I've gone 26 years without ever making a first move lol hopefully a guy will find that cute

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  • I wouldn't mention those kinds of things until after you've already kissed each other. It might seem to him like you're complaining that he didn't kiss you, haha!

    • he kissed me on the first date.. I could tell I came off a bit awk because I wasn't expecting it