Why keep contacting after so long

We dated for a bit. I decided long ago that I was done with his crap but I stayed civil. I know he has problems, he did open up to me about his upbringing that is why I don`t hold it against him but I won't put up with it anymore his crap. I will only be friends with him. He stays friends for a long time but acts kind of like a boyfriend in doing a lot of the stuff a good boyfriend does, then decides he is mad at me because things are going nowhere even though I have been blunt with him that they never will. He keeps hoping I guess. When he gets fed up he just disappears and I am OK with that but he always comes back. He is back again and just curious as to why. In the last break from our friendship it was almost 6 months and I changed my phone number in that time so he emailed me. I don`t understand why he keeps coming back. I know when we were dating we had crazy sex and it was amazing for both of us but it has been years since the last time. So why does he keep coming back.


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  • It seems that he still is hoping for you to give him another chance.

    • Do you think he will give up? I hope he does. Do you think it's because I was so nice to him before and he just assumes I will take him back regardless of the things he did before?

    • He will give up, as long as you prevent getting close to him and you distance yourself, and avoid communications.

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  • it sounds like you are in love with him

    • A long time ago but those feelings are long gone.

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    • good I'm proud of you girl

    • Thanks

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