I don't know how my heart will heal

I know how this can sound very dramatic but I don't know how it will heal, and people say time heals everything but is it really true?

I feel like I won't ever fall in love, there are guys who want to date me and I did go on a date and try to move on and I go out with friends , I work everyday , I go to the gym but yet after 6 months it hasn't been healed..i think and miss him all the time...than I think why the hell do I miss someone who ignored me and chose to date another girl..even though they broke up after one month..

we are Facebook friends but I try my best not to go on his profile and stalk him.. he hasn't talked to me in months and here the other day he liked my picture and I was all wtf..

but I don't feel like this heart will heal.. I lost my best friend who took me for granted..

How will it heal ?


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  • closure talk it out with him.

    • how..i can't contact him he left me

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    • Everyone is... if you EVER want ANYTHING to come out of this you have to TAKE that chance at REJECTION. I did I sent a fb request, it was never accepted waited for 3 weeks, dident get the result I wanted, and ide do it again, braught me so much peace of mind.

    • i know but I dnt know :( thanks for help

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