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so I've been dating my boyfriend for over 5 years now on and off and lately there has been so much fighting involving his mom. let me first off start and say that he is a huge mama's boy and his mom is very bipolar and throughout the whole relationship his mom has to run everything her way or nothing.

my boyfriend and me have no privacy and everywhere we go she has to come. I Haven't seen him in 2 weeks and hardly talk to him or text him when I am texting him every 5 min it seams like he says brb. he's not affectionate towards me never says I love you but on birthdays or any type of cards he will write how I complete him or how happy he makes me.

am I just wasting my time now? we don't do anything but sit at his house whenever we do see each other I'm in my mid 20's and for the past 5+ years its pretty much been the same he never keeps promises by taking me places I want to go to.


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  • Is this the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? Are you dating him or his mom? At least he listens to his mom, but that is overdoing it. Parents have to give their children space and let them figure out their relationships by themselves. If she goes everywhere with you then that is very uncomfortable.

    Is he shy or not very good at expressing his feelings? If it isn't either of these, then if he doesn't say that he loves you, what kind of relationship is that? Poetry and writing are fine and all that, but if he only tells you his feelings in writing, which is very easy, it is no substitute for verbal communication.

    Do you constantly want to be with a person who breaks his promises? A true gentleman doesn't go back on his word and breaks his promises. You need to find someone who really cares about you. You haven't wasted these five years if you learned something from it, but don't let this last any longer. This isn't really a relationship.

    • there was a time I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him now I'm not so sure at all. apparently I'm dating both of them and I hate it and I've mentioned on several occasions that his mom can't make our decisions for us. we are both adults we need to grow up and fly away from our parents. he's not good at expressing his feelings at all. he's very selfish and more concerned about what he wants to do. if I ask to do something it depends on 2 things what him or his mom are doing first.

    • Relationships are supposed to be about giving and taking. Your boyfriend can't give because he only wants to take, as you said, because he is selfish. If you hate it, then it isn't healthy to be in that relationship.

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  • Yes, you are wasting your time. Until he starts telling you he loves you (if he really does) and tells his mom to back off (she insists on going everywhere with you guys--- really?), he's not going to change and you'll keep being unhappy. You guys aren't in high school anymore. Mama's boys are downright terrifying IMO.

  • It's not worth it. We wanna be in a relationship because we care about that person and love theat person but if he doesn't do that then what for you being in a relationship with him? I mean I understand he is a mamas boy and stuff but he can't always do what he is doing now for the rest of his life can he? Or maybe just try talking to his mom but the thing is,does he really love you? If he does then go ahead and talk to his mom :) everything's going to be fine :) x

    • see his mom has her own issue here to. she is very bipolar and she's told him that she hates him and that she don't consider him her son but then they go back and forth like this all the time. its been going on for years.

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