Playing the attention game to make her like me again?

Ok, so I went to this week long summer camp last summer. I was able to attract this girl very easily somehow, and we basically "dated" all week long. I think she would still like me now if she didn't live like 8 hours away. So basically we talked ALL the time for like 3 months after camp ended. It progressed to the point that she was literally obsessed with me. Anyway, she got a boyfriend a few months later and still has him, but I still think I can get her to like me again. She texted me like a week ago and we talked for like an hour and it was fine. Today, she texted me and I guaged how much she was willing to flirt back with me. It wasn't working very well, so I just stopped texting altogether. She then texted me again like 15 minutes later, so I could tell she wanted my attention. Is this a good start to get myself back into the "romance zone"?

Me (from the end of our last conversation): I just realized... My school made the ncaa tournament for basketball and we are playing our first game in dayton, ohio Wednesday (an hour from where she lives). I'm probably going to go. Is there any way I could meet you there? That would be amazing...

Her (today): Hey! I'm so sorry. I meant to text you to tell you I couldn't go. But knowing my mom...she took my phone.

Me: ha ha honestly I didn't end up going either.

Her: Oh really. Oh...well that's okay... So 1. I miss you! 2. I tripped today! 3. I aced a test today 4. I want apple juice. 5. How are you? (basically the whole thing was an inside joke).

Me: I'm pretty good. Soo... 1. I miss you like twice as much 2. I Haven't tripped in months 3. I failed a test yesterday lol 4. I like apple juice 5. I like you more than apple juice

Her: ha ha yeah so what's up

Me: not much. finished with class for today. working out right now. not sure about later. you?

Her: at school talking to people.

Me: ha ha why are you at school?

Her: my bro is going her next year. so he has to be here.

Me: awww... that's cute haha

Her: yeah totally haha. god I'm so hungry right now.

Me: eat then! lol

Her: I cant! there isn't anything to eat :(

Me: I could drive to ohio and take you out to eat if you want. haha

Her: ha ha yeah. I can eat in a little bit tho (at this point I realize she isn't trying to flirt back so I don't reply)

Her again like 15 min later: I finally got to eat! hahaa

So what can I do to make her value my attention and create attraction again?


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  • I'm confused, didn't you say she has a boyfriend?

    If so, isn't kinda inconsiderate to steal her from another

    guy? If she likes you still, they'll eventually break up.

    So, why not just wait until then to get her back?

    I'd tread lightly on this one, a lot of people could

    get hurt in situation like this. Good Luck : )

    • Thanks for best answer, I personally don't think it was good enough advice that I gave. But, I appreciate it nonetheless : )

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  • You're giving her too much attention. She sees you as a friend, from what I can tell. You can always play the "back off" game. I'm not too big on games, but she may want you more if you begin to give her less attention. Mind you this can backfire and end with you losing her altogether.

  • Why do you care about her attention when nothing will come of it? She lives in Ohio bro, find another girl and you'll eventually not care about getting attention from her. That nagging feeling of the girl you want to like you that doesn't gets less nagging when your with other women.

  • She has a boyfriend you jerk. Leave them alone. Can't stand kids like you.

  • Do you play guitar dude?

  • Invite her out to karaoke and have her watch you play guitar