Do you think dating would be easier if...

women had as much logic as we men do?

i mean its obvious that women do base everything in life with their emotions. that is why they fall for losers, rush into marriage, can't tell a casual or serious relationship apart, are influence by princess fairy tales, etc.

but what if women had as much logic as we do? would we understand each other better? would marriage be failing as much as it has today? would their be such confusion as there are now between genders?

I was bored and decided to reread a few of my old questions and eventually I stumbled upon this one.

but wow! its just amusing how ignorant people could be. I made an assumption based on scientific facts and all I get back is hatred and judgmental predictions about my future.

is like, wow! does truth really hurt this much?
oh yea, and were the hell did all this feminism bullsh*t came from?


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  • Originally, men were intended to be providers while women were intended to be nurturers. We kinda have to be in touch with our emotions to do our job. :)

    • yes but it seems like in todays world a lot of women don't do their jobs anyways

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    • not really. there are things like child support and other organization that force us provide no matter what

    • Women are doing their jobs. They're the ones that are left with the babies if the men decide to just leave. And yes, there are exceptions to every rule and it isn't right to generalize. Yes, women are in touch with their emotions, and that includes good emotions, such as caring and empathy. Child support shouldn't have to "force" men to take care of their children. Men should be "willing". "Forcing" is not the same as "willing".

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  • Yes, because women are completely illogical, and emotions are -never- a sign that our brain unconsciously picked up on social cues. -_- Ignorant.

    Would you like it if I wrote a question saying that dating would be easier if men didn't think with their sex drives? Or that if men didn't rape so much that the dating world would be easier? Obviously not, because not all men do those things. However, your question practically states that all women are the way you think.

    Guys who think like you are why we need feminism. A lack of respect for women will make them appear "illogical" to you no matter what we do.

    • So, women are better at unconsciously determining whether a man is a likely rapist as opposed to logically considering whether a man is a rapist?

    • I agree. And "Anonguy", you're missing the point. This isn't about women being able to determine which man is a rapist. Men are seriously bad at controlling their desire for sex.

    • Good answer:)

  • Your question starts out biased because it fails to acknowledge that other possibilities ... such as your beliefs are outdated and your opinion wrong. PEOPLE are illogical. I know just as many men who are illogical as women. You think women live only by emotions? LOL, you are in denial about your own gender. Guys claim to use reason, but when they act outside of reason, they shrug it off as , 'We got testosterone ..." or "It's just our sex drive." Whatever you want to call it, men act unreasonable and stupid everyday all day, as do women. Don't assume you guys have one up on us in the logic department, your question proves it.

    • you must be talking about young immature guys who are probably still in hs. anyways, I'm not saying I do this but a lot of guys do and that is lie, in order to facilitate their success with women since talking from experience the truth and reality are two things that infuriate women

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    • You sound like someone who has been hurt and is blaming women for the bad things that have happend to you. Look, give blame where blame is due ... with the people that hurt you. But by making the comment that you did, you are cutting yourself off from good people who can enter your life. I don't want to sound all fluff and puff, but you need to blow your steam in a more healthy way. if you believe this about women, how can you trust them, much less be open to being in love?

    • love is something I don't need right now

  • If women had as much logic as men, you certainly would never get any female attention, only women that hate themselves or have heads filled with air would talk to you.

    • only you would know that

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    • Question asker, you seriously wouldn't make a good family man. I know this because your views on women is really lacking. Women are caring and empathic, and the only reason you're alive right now is because they had to be that way to be able to ensure the lives of their children continued. Sometimes that means that they do get emotional, but that is because they're in touch with their emotions. You can't just ignore their good emotions and talk about their negative emotions.

    • oh yea mr confucius! you find out who I am first before opening your preaching, white knight, ignorant mouth of your please

  • If women had as much logic as men, they would never date a man. So your argument is invalid.

    • so they would all be lesbians?

    • Women can be emotional sometimes, but they can also be caring, friendly, and empathic. In fact, many men are not in touch with their emotions, and that has been to their detriment.

    • hey! you never explain!

  • It'd be really easy if you werent ignorant. We do use logic and then we also use our emotions. That's using a lot more brain power than you claim you use.

    • really...

      about me being ignorant... that is your opinion

      about women using more brain power do to them supposedly using logic then obviously emotions... then why do they always end up making the stupidest decision for themselves? and even worst, never learning from their mistakes; is that brain power to you?

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    • lol, don't worry I was just wondering. but when it comes to being sorry, I think I owe you a lot more

    • No need. I am a forgiving person. And grateful you are too. I meant it if you needed to talk I will listen. Perhaps contrary to your beliefs, I give pretty level headed advice ;)

  • women and men have different roles. a mans role from the beginning was to lead and guide his family. a woman is suppose to be lead by a man. that's why we usually don't use logic because most of the decisions were left to a man. we are emotional people. we are suppose to care for kids and men and stuff. its evolution really. that's what I think lol

  • Probably, but wouldn't it be so boring.

    • No drama does not equal fun

    • If someone handed you an envelope and told you that inside were the details of every day of your life for the next week, would you open it?

  • Men do those stupid things too, but for a different reason, haha!

    We all make mistakes, we're flawed creatures.

    I think people would understand each other better if they didn't rely on game playing to build/start their relationships. If the foundation is built upon lies and ridiculous, needless deception, what chance does the relationship have? Haha!


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  • You'll find that you're going to be at a severe disadvantage when it comes to socializing and communication if you believe in such a stereotype so strongly. It's foolish to paint someone up with these kinds of stereotypes before you even figure out what kind of person they are. Take each person for what they are, not "Women just fly off the handle with their emotions and aren't as controlled as us men".

    • Lol @ scientific facts

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    • Hahahahahahahaha WOW, I don't know where to start. First, I'm not sure if you know what a white knight is, and I'm not sure why you keep calling me one. Someone trying to talk sense to you isn't someone that is trying to come to the rescue of anyone. I called you a fool, I didn't say anything about treating girls better or whatnot. Check your other answers for that ;)

    • Second, I do believe I've called the bluff that you were hoping wouldn't be called. So your proposal is to call it "science", but then say "well just go out and walk down the'll see". Quite the downgrade from a scientific study backing your assumptions and claims.

      Three, bro? That's about like reading Cosmo magazine for solid dating advice.

      Dating would be easier if people ACTUALLY learned about other people, instead of believing assumptions first.

  • The question is really biased. If "women had as much logic as we men do"? That is really arrogant thinking. Since when did men have more logic? On whose authority did you get this from? Women are in touch with their emotions. Yes, that means some of them get really emotional in a bad way, but it also means that sometimes they are really empathic and caring. You're just looking at the flaws of women and you're not taking into account their strengths.

    Women don't rush into marriage. Women wait until around 30-ish to marry. Marriage is a good thing, something that shows a bond between people. In fact, it is men that don't want marriage. They often just want sex. Princess fairy tales have nothing to do with relationships.

    "What if women had as much logic as we do? Would we understand each other better?" Men are the ones that often don't understand. Marriage is failing due to infidelity of both men and women, declining family values, lack of communication, and other things. Women are really understanding.

    You can't just generalize about women. Sometimes women are illogical, and sometimes they are logical. Men are sometimes illogical, and sometimes they're logical. it is a mixed batch. Although women get really emotional sometimes, they can also be empathic and caring. Men are aggressive and uncaring, but sometimes they also can be empathic and caring.

    • You would be such a great friend to have in person. I always love your unbiased and respectful answers. Thank you!

    • Thanks! I usually try to respect other people even if they don't respect me. I don't return an "eye for an eye". I try to be a good person, and I don't want to jump to conclusions. I don't try to resort to ad hominem (personal attacks) though. I don't want to fall to that level. If I did, I would lose the argument because I would be called out for using logical fallacies.

    • what a white knight!

  • You need to have balance between pure rational thought and being aware of your emotions. This balance is tricky to achieve and it has nothing to do with gender, some men have it and some women do as well.

  • Ok. I'm a guy. I am emotional and my life is not where it should be, but good grief. The question you asked is so unfair to women, sir.

    Marriage falls apart so often in this country cause it is just a outdated practice. People grow apart these days. It's not for everyone.

    • In my opinion, Marriage grows weaker because this society wants instant gratification not what marriage has to offer which is long term happiness (if disciplined) and thank you for sticking up for women.

    • Yeah. Marriage is not outdated. Marriage is really good. It is just a decline in family values and a liking for one-night stands that causes marriage to falter.

  • In comparison, women actually do have less "grey matter" and more "white matter" in the human brain.

    Grey matter assists in the formation of logic.

    White matter assists in the production of emotion.

    I'm not saying one is superior over another, but there are physiological differences between us and that is one of them.

    • Four people weren't using their logic...

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    • I guess facts are wrong? Or they don't like the truth? I wounder if its both, there should be no dislikes

    • """""nature""""""

  • Couldn't agree more with QA.

    • Women will never entertain your proposition nor admit its validity.

      Women are unaware what drives their own actions, even if they see other women acting largely based on their emotions. Even in an anonymous forum, they could never admit that emotions drive their attraction, because it is against the image they attempt to maintain, and they never consciously realize what they're doing. How many women have said, "it just happened"?

      This type of question was bound to get bashed by women.

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    • I'm a guy too, and I disagree with you. Does that make me illogical? Does the fact that me, one guy, who is "illogical", make all guys illogical? Women are more in touch with their emotions. Yes, it sometimes means that they get really emotional, but it also means that sometimes they are really empathic and caring. You obviously are not logical if you can't see this.

    • "Does the fact that me, one guy, who is "illogical", make all guys illogical?"

      No. There are exceptions to every rule. Being a man does not preclude one from cognitive dissonance, as you have demonstrated. If you can't handle generalizations to broad questions, then stay away from the internet. What do you expect? 3 billion unique answers for each woman on this earth?

  • If women were as logical, I think things would work out better. Same if men were more in touch with their emotions.

  • Women don't have logic? Women fall for losers? Something is seriously wrong with the way you think bro. Maybe if they could explain their thoughts to men, we wouldn't be so clueless.

  • You're right to an extent. But if women thought like men things would be harder. Since God created the genders to balance each other.

  • What if men had as much emotion and empathy as women do?

    World wouldn't be killing itself.

    • we would live a world of fantasy

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    • There are people of every flavor, and I'm sure there are many violent in the world, but much less so. If you elected a grandmother to every political office in this country it will be fixed inside of a year.

    • meant to say violent women*

  • I believe it would