How do I know if it's a date or just a hangout?

I took a girl that I like to the movies a few weeks ago. I paid for her ticket (she thanked me and seemed pleasantly surprised), and I put my arm around her at one point and she didn't shrug me off. She was really nervous and awkward for most of the night, but we still had a lot of fun and were together for like four hours. She gave me a two or three second hug at the end of the night but I wasn't expecting a kiss from her anyway. That was all the physical contact we really had besides just being close to each other. So that's pretty much how the night went.

What I'm not entirely sure about is if it was a date, because I'm not sure it was ever actually communicated as one. The idea of going to the movies just kind of came up. Like an hour before we were meeting up, she tweeted something like "dates are so awkward" so I'm assuming she thought it was a date? Since after that night, she's been her usual awkward, talkative, somewhat-flirty self, but we haven't done anything one-on-one since. We're finally planning on doing something again next weekend now that our schedules are free and I asked her to "hang out" but I don't know what we'll end up doing yet.

I guess I'm just wondering if it's just going to be a hangout or something a little more than that, based on how the last thing we did seemed to go. I'm still not sure if we're friends or something more, honestly. What do you think? Should I just try to act like this upcoming thing is a date and see how she reacts?

Oh yeah, and the arm thing wasn't in the theater because she seemed too tense for me to do it then and I was unsure about the whole thing. It was in the parking lot.


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  • that was a DATE ! just becuase she acted awkward didn't mean nothing . most females do feel awkward on dates till you have had a few together then you get used to being around each other like that . very normal and cute ? and big ups for paying for the date and actually takeing her to the movie most guys now days don't do stuff like that anymore all they want is to go straight for the sex and most females don't like that .. so way to go . that shows her your a gentlemen . and that makes girls feel very good. I would take her out again for sure and try holding her hand next time to . if she holds your hand and don't push you away that's a very good thing

    • just because you and her didn't really plan it as a date don't mean it didn't turn out to be one cuase it sure sounds like it did .. the dates that just happen are the best ones anyway . good luck with her !

    • Sounds good. I'm glad it sounds like the last one turned into one, but I feel kind of dumb for dropping the ball for so long if it was because of our schedules and stuff. Oh well, I'm making up for it now. Thank you, and thanks for answering!

  • I've been on a couple "lets hang out" dates, and they are for sure dates. Some how not calling it a date takes some of the pressure off if it.

    • Okay, cool. That's kind of what I was going for when I said "hang out," to make it sound less pressured, but I was kind of afraid she was going to misinterpret it as just a friendly thing. Looks like I'm probably good then

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