Bf f***ed up big time - should I dump him?

Here's tonight's story.

We attended the annual beer tasting soiree at uni. We managed to get a spot only because I waited in a lineup this afternoon, even though I didn't feel like it because I got to bed at 2 AM last night to work on a school assignment. I did it only because my boyfriend is graduating this year and wanted to attend for one last time.

At 7 I was bored and sick of it (I'm not into beer), so I decided to leave. My boyfriend wanted sex because it's been 12 days since last time. We had a 8-9 PM window when my roommate (brother) wasn't at home. My boyfriend suggested I go home, that he'd stay to drink only a beer and that he'd come to my place afterward. I insisted he didn't drink more than one beer because he was drunk already (he said an hour ago that his beer tasted like tulips). He agreed.

At 8:38, he texted to say he would leave in 2 min. He didn't text again and now it's 10:22. I texted his friend at 9:50 and he said they were about to leave. My boyfriend KNEW he had to be there and leave before 9. He KNEW he had to drink a beer only to make it. And he KNEW I was keeping my brother from coming home until our sex was over with - which I did for hours, for NOTHING! And he LIED to me in his text. I'm furious. Had I known this, I would've gone to sleep hours ago. I'm exhausted and I feel taken for a fool. It's been some time since I'm feeling I've lost my feelings for him. I think this is the last f***-up I'm allowing, and that I'd better dump him as he's not treating me well. Opinions?

He sent me a text at midnight saying he had been sick and just got back. This morning, he wrote me 2 emails. So he basically met friends there, drank another beer and afterward he "wasn't really there anymore". He says that he feels really bad and that he should've left with me, which would have been wiser. He says he's really sorry, that he didn't plan it would go like this, that he feels really bad and knows he's hurt my feelings.

So my company was literallly traded for beer last night.


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  • Lying is not okay. I mean, I do get behind schedule and text "on my way" when I'm not out of the house yet, but obviously that was a HUGE time discrepency. And it really sucks that he chose his buddies over having sex with you, when he promised to.

    • It would be a deal breaker for me. I think I would tolerate it until I would explode and get all heartbroken.

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    • "Decide what you will and won’t abide, draw those lines for others, and live accordingly." Yeah, that's exactly it. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Yeah this question just really confused me, to be honest, but if someone is disrespecting you, when they knew they were doing it, ide dump them, you deserve respect.

    • Basically, he insisted I'd stay up and wait for him to drink one last beer at this event before he joined me at my apartment to have sex. He basically stood me up and I had bothered to keep my flatmate away for hours, thinking my boyfriend would arrive soon because he had texted me to confirm so. He never came, obviously drank more than a beer, and kept we awake when I was already exhausted from school and only staying up to WAIT FOR HIM to come to my place for a short time.

    • Yeah that was disrespectful of him. I wouldent settle for a girl who stood me up.

  • Drink beer or have sex with my gf? I have to be the biggest idiot on the world, luckily I would never done that, but your boy is idiot ;(

  • This was a miscommunication problem, fix it. This is no big deal, you are over-reacting.

  • And you are not the least bit concerned if something bad happened to him? You are a horrible girlfriend!

    • I texted his friend and he was WITH HIM. And his friend said they were "about to leave". Nothing bad happened to him!

    • just sayin you should wait to find out what really hapenned, if he was just being stupid then yeah maybe you should dump him

    • sounds like he thinks he can do whatever he wants, and simply apoligize for it afterward, and everything will be all good.

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