Bad luck or is it just me?

So I've had a lot of gfs and some of them were nice but it seems like a lot of my recent gfs have decided to screw with me for some reason. So my current girlfriend and I have been dating since January and we hung out a month before we even started dating. Because of recent bad luck I decided to hang with her for a while before asking her out, to kinda gain some friendship and see what kind of a girl she is. I'm not gonna lie this girl is probably the most effort I put in, usually its 2 weeks and then decide from there. So anyways we started dating and after a week one day she left her Facebook logged in on my computer, so I was curious about what she wrote and wanted to double check that I could trust her and sure enough I found a bunch of bad messages. I confronted her and she apologized and said she didn't know what she was thinking and because I thought she was a nice girl I gave her another chance. We stayed together and had trust issues since. She then went to florida for a week, broke up with me, went back to her ex down there and then came up here again and she cheated on him with me. Then I told her boyfriend that she was cheating on him with me and she decided that she wanted to change and be with only me. She came clean and admitted to cheating on me up here once at a party. I normally don't date cheaters but I figured I would try it once and see what happened plus she sounded sincere about wanting to make it work. We then had a great weekend together and on Tuesday she started txting some guy all day long, I looked over her shoulder saw a text I didn't like and she deleted it real quick and said I was seeing things. She then came clean about it and got upset at me for not trusting her. I then snooped some more tonight and apparantley she likes this guy, but he doesn't live anywhere near us. I'm afraid he might come up to see her, sometime soon and honestly debating whether I should break up with her tomorrow. I'm just really pissed off that this girl is like this. I waited a month to try and feel this girl out to see if she was a nice girl and I thought she was and well I was tottally wrong. I honestly can't catch a break. I'm kinda venting too I guess, just pissed off, I'm pretty sure its probably bad luck but it could be me I guess.


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  • Okay...this whole relationship is really screwed up. You do realize that right?

    I mean first after only a week of dating this girl you checked her Facebook messages? That's really screwed up. I get that you have been betrayed in the past, but that's no reason to invade her privacy like that. And so what if you found some "bad messages"? She had been with you for a week, that doesn't really mean you're exclusive. She seems to have low self-confidence on top of that since you confronted her and she apologized to you even though you invaded her privacy on Facebook.

    All of the things you're doing (checking her texts, her Facebook messages, and any other snooping) is just pushing her away and rightfully so. If she gets the feeling that you are so suspicious she is cheating (which you have made very obvious), then she'll probably cheat. I mean her thoughts about it will probably be that you already assume she is cheating so why should she be faithful.

    My friend had a boyfriend like you last year. He had been betrayed so he made her life hell, checking her Facebook and e-mail if she made the mistake of staying logged in on her computer, asking friends about what she was doing. She had to change her phone password a bunch of times because he kept figuring it out and checking her texts. She felt like she couldn't even fall asleep with him because he would immediately start snooping in her purse, laptop and phone. After a few months of it, she finally broke down and cheated because her boyfriend made her feel like trash.

    So I suggest you learn to trust your girlfriend or just move on to someone else and try not to make these same mistakes again.

    • we were exclusive that's the point tho, somebody who gets into a relationship shouldn't be sending bad messages trying to hook up with other guys, I think your completley wrong, and I feel bad for your boyfriend if you have one. I will admit that snooping isn't that right thing to do, but there shouldn't of been anything for me to find in the first place.

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