Girl says I need to get my toned body back before she will date me

Okay I'm not seriously considering dating this girl because her true colors have shown through but I thought id share. Enjoy...

So I asked this girl out and she turned me down. I've known her several years. Two years ago, I was ripped and toned, no fat whatsoever, completely in shape, more than I ever been. Past couple years I've gained 20 pounds, not much for someone my size and I'm still not fat, just not ripped and toned, just normal. So, this girls reason? She turned me down because I'm not toned like I was two years ago. Plenty of other girls find me good looking now regardless. But, I liked this girl, now I don't after realizing how shallow she is. She said go work out again and then ill date you. Wtf? She wants a boyfriend that has that supermodel look. doesn't matter his personality or whether she likes him or not.


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  • Some girls are stupid like that.

    Also kudos to you for moving on to better women, and for not generalizing all women as shallow like other users on this site do after getting burned.

    • I love most women, I love you guys, just have a hard time trying to understand women sometimes, but same with women and men. I just don't like the stupid or stuck up ones out there like this. Most women tend to frown on women that act like this anyhow.

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  • Wtf?

    I agree as in my experiences her response is far more common for a guy than a gal.

    "He wants a boyfriend that has that supermodel look. doesn't matter his personality or whether she likes him or not."

    Did she say that or did you assume/project that? Wanting an attractive partner doesn't necessarily mean you don't care about personality or liking them.

    • Lol I'm not unattractive right now. She wants like perfect. It pretty much tellsme where her interests are.

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    • I only noticed it on the scale and now a little thin fat layer over my once ripped abs. But I'm by no means fat or have a beer belly.

    • Egh "little thin fat layer" is a toss up as it's 20 pounds and one lb is not a little thin layer and you may have a bias sort of like gals I know telling me they didn't notice their weight gain until they looked at the scale or how it's only a little when it's rolls.

  • lolol so I don't think there's actually a question here, but yeah, she's got a lot of nerve. Obviously your values aren't compatible, so I guess it's a good thing you found out sooner rather than later.

    • Nah this isn't just wanted to share. A lot of girls think I'm goodlooking, so its not a problem for me. But seriously a girl who dates based mainly on looks, I have no desire or have any business dating.

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  • I would say she's looking for a reason to say no to date you. And she found one that you would believe and that's why she used it.

    Women do that sh*t all the time bro.

    Shes not attracted to you for something else you did or said.

    Think of what you did or said that turned her off, and fix whatever that was.

    • Shes just dumb bro...i know what you mean about girls doing all that...but this girl's just shallow

    • i would say very few girls are like that. and even the majority of them get suckered in by a guy that turns them on emotionally. Which has nothing to do with how a man looks physically.