How do I know if someone has a good time on a date?

For example, I went on a date but the guy is introverted and so it was hard for me to read him. He told me a lot about his belief, personality, and high school experience (he was a smart and shy guy). Anyways, the date was OK. He analyze a lot. Anyways, he was sick so we couldn't go to a movie after lunch. I got a text that he had fun and will get better. Anyways, I think it went well but then again I am pretty bad at reading signs. He smiles a lot and listen to my ideas.

Advice, should I text him to see if he feeling better in a couple days? How did I know that was a good or bad date? Should I move on to the next date/guy? I am confuse. We are same age (25) and from similar neighborhood.


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  • If an introvert talked to you about himself on a first date and texted you that he had fun, then he had fun and probably interested in going out with you again. Being that he is an introvert he is probably worrying if you had a good time. He will probably need you to be direct. If you want to see him again tell him that, just be honest.

    It is difficult for an introvert to talk about himself to someone he doesn't know that well. So if he could open up to you, particularly without alcohol, then it is a good sign.


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  • Your date really went well. If a guy tells that he enjoys the date, he will tell you so.

    Also, text him if he's better perhaps tonight or tomorrow. The sooner you text him, the better.

    • I will text him tomorrow...I am not sure what to say.

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  • If you got an introvert to talk that much it probably went very well for him. No matter how it went I would ask text him to see if he was feeling better, that's just being polite. What you say in the text depends on if you want to see him again.

    • If I want to see him again what should I say?

    • Ask if he is feeling better, say you had a nice time talking with him and it was really to bad your conversation got cut short. That should indicate to him that you want to talk more. Well that is if he can take hints. But it leaves it open if you want to invite him out too.