Confused about this girl.

So I was seeing this girl recently and we hit it off pretty well, she lives about a hour away from me but I drive down there to see her when she isn't working. we were seeing each other for a couple of weeks and She said a lot of things to me like "Thinking of our future together and how great it will be." A lot of sweet things I thought she meant.She also gave me a gift on our 3rd date. She also came over to my house and we ended up having sex and after she said she never has sex so soon and wanted to wait till we started dating before we have sex again. but a week or two later We got into a little fight I didn't feel comfortable her being alone with a guy. ( I know we were not dating but she seemed pretty serious about getting together) and we ended up breaking off and she started seeing the guy she was with. It was awful to find that out after everything she said to me and the stuff we did. It doesn't make sense to me that she would just throw it away so easily. and after she said things on Facebook like "I'm finally happy now." and posting when she's hanging out with that guy knowing that I will see that. Is she just trying to get a reaction out of me? Or does she even care? and also was I just a fling? Very confused.


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  • Best act like she never happened and if she comes back and wants to play with you again act like you don't know her. You will do best if you can forget you ever liked her.

  • No, you're not anything on what you mentioned.

    She really likes to have a future with you however the fact that you've erupted a fight makes her lose interest in you, so she went to the other guy.