Kiss on the cheek after our second he not interested or taking things REALLY slow?

I just had a date with a guy. It was our second date and we went bowling! We had a lot of fun, flirted and joked around. After a game we went for coffee and chatted about family, school, movies and life in general. We were both laughing and having a good time (I really enjoyed myself and it looked like he did too). At the end of the date he dropped me off at home, I hugged him and he kissed me on the cheek for the first time but did not mention seeing me again.

(at the end of our first date he just gave me a hug and told me he had a lot of fun)

We are both 24

Was the date unsuccessful or is he just taking things REALLY slow?


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  • I would personally think he was actually going quite fast, though my own experience is rather insignificant. If you're that worried about it, ask him directly. He may have had an upbringing that emphasized a slower pace in a relationship.


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  • I'd say go with your gut. If you felt like you both had fun and enjoyed the date immensely, he probably felt the same too.

    I wouldn't say he's taking things really slow, I think a kiss on the cheek for the second date is polite and appropriate.

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