This man I am dating has pushed me into doing things I wouldn't have and he knows I am glad he did...

Okay a week ago this man I am dating pushed me into doing something I didn't want to do. In the end he knew that I was happy he pushed me by encouraging me into doing it. Then a few days ago he did the same thing. Even though he doesn't know on third thing he encouraged me into doing this. None of this is sexual just so everyone knows. He is encouraging me in a positive way.

We talked about just seeing how things go with us. So I was wondering would it be OK if I asked him to listen to Madonna's song Push? I thought about telling him this is how much I appreciate his pushing me on the things he did push me to do.

If you haven't heard the song it's on YouTube or you can read the lyrics.

I thought about having him listen to this song so he would keep on pushing me to try new things.


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  • Go ahead and try it.

    Be warned, he might take it as a threat. No man, especially if he is a leader type, likes his work to be corrected or have another person identify its flaws.


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