Crush's behavior change?

This is really doing my head in. We both like each other, we have for 2,5 years, but we never made anything official because we were both in relationships back then. However now, we aren't and I want to make a move on her.

At the moment are only mean of communication is texting, this is because I'm in Chile for work experience and she's in Paris. A few nights ago we were messaging on Facebook. It started a bit dull but she brought up that she has a Prom in June. I asked her if she was going with anyone and she told me that many guys have been asking her but she doesn't want to choose. But she did also say "If a tall, handsome, blond guy so happened to be in Paris she would definitely go with him." That tall blond guy so happens to be me.

We've both told each other we see our relationship being "more than just friends". I told her we didn't need to use the boy/girlfriend titles and she agreed.

She tells me she's shy. Do girls get even more shy and somewhat reserved (even over texts) when they're either talking to the guy they like or to someone they know likes them?

How can I make the conversations we have more ... sensual? Rather than just bland and boring? and finally when I do to pay her a visit in Paris should I just kiss her as soon as I see her?




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  • What's stopping you from having success dating beautiful women? Your the man, be the man in the relationship you have to make the move on her she isn't going to wait forever. Your telling me you can't have a phone in Chile that's bs. Get a phone then call her so you can have a decent conversation by adding a little banter and flirting here and there. Some women are shy because of any reason maybe she's insecure or she's testing what strength of man you are. But can't tell why from little info you gave me. Don't get caught up in your head about kissing or anything else rely on your gut feeling if you feel it is right, do it don't hesitate. I'm afraid that in Paris you pour heart out for this girl and she might get turned off because you are lowering your status value remember people want to trade value up then down. Basically what do want in relationship? Be man about it, if you like her go for it. Go to Paris take her to prom, dinner, something don't be afraid to make a move. If doesn't work out fine, at least you know where stand instead of playing the what if game.