am i taking it too slow? i've never dated someone from my friends circles -

So I've known this girl for a while, we never hung out without our groups or even talked on the phone stuff like that.

I went out of state couple years and came back and basically got back in touch with her and now we've been on a couple dates together, talk on the phone text etc.

Things are super cool with her when we go out, I'm pretty sure she's into me because all of our dates now are just her and I, I just really don't know how fast or slow to go.

I don't know if I should just treat her like any other girl I meet and just go for the gusto or just keep going out on dates with her and take it slow.

Usually I would have already gone in for a kiss the first date, but here we are going on the 3rd and I'm thinking what the hell am I waiting for?!

Am I taking it too slow?


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  • It seems like you're taking it too slow.

    Simply, let out all of the fears and go big. Kiss her.