Is she not that interested in me?

So this girl and I met during a class that's now over. We made plans to hang out once the class was over. So I texted her to hang out, but she replied saying that she was out of town that weekend, but she was game for the following weekend.

Since I was out of town the weekend she offered, I dropped it. A couple weeks later, I texted her again. She said she was out of town once again, this time visiting her sister, but said she was in town the next weekend.

So I waited till the next weekend to see if she'd contact me to hang out (since I'd already tried twice). Heard nothing from her. I then figured I met as well try one more time since I had nothing to lose since I don't see her around anymore anyway. So I texted her to hang out and she was finally game for it.

We hang out a little bit. I had fun and we had a good conversation although we didn't hang out for that long. afterward, about an hour later, she texted me saying "Thanks for hanging out! It was fun."

Since then I haven't heard from her. It's been over a week. I'm hesitant to ask her again because it took me three attempts the first time and the third time, when I finally got her out, I wasn't even on her mind at the time (she said she was at the market when I texted her to hang it hadn't even occurred to her to finally hang out since she was busy the first two times) even though I had tried twice previously.

To be honest, I'm tired of chasing women who aren't interested in me enough. Is this girl an example of that?


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  • It sounds to me like she's just trying to play it cool by saying she was at the market, as if she wants you to think she had plans and wasn't sitting around doing nothing! If I was this girl I probably would have done the same thing by not texting again because we like to feel like a guy is interested enough to work for us. I know you tried to ask her out three times before you actually managed to go on the date but from her perspective she had valid reasons to say no and so it doesn't necessarily mean she isn't interested. Keep trying because I have a feeling she likes you more than she's letting on. A girl wouldn't date a guy she didn't like :)

    • she's not dating me, though. We've only hung out once.

      I've seen girls interested in guys and they do text occasionally because they're afraid the guy might forget them, ESPECIALLY if the guy has already made the first move and asked her to hang out.

    • Don't give up just yet, she hasn't rejected you or anything. I've seen so many guys lose out on great relationships because they're scared they're coming on too strong when from the girls perspectives they're not coming on strong enough! Guys and girls have different viewpoints on these kind of situations so keep trying because at the end of the day you have far more to gain than you have to lose.

    • well, here's the thing: I could just forget about her and put my effort on meeting new women who might be more receptive to me or show me more interest. That seems like a better idea than waiting for a girl who may or may not be interested, especially after I put the effort in to get her out and haven't heard from her since.

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  • Simply put? Girls are stupid (sorry girls). She CAN be interested in you and still act that way. Whether it's shy, she wants you to chase her, she wants you initiate... more than once, she's confused over something, whatever.

    If she wasn't interested at ALL, not even in friendship, she would have just kept saying she's busy.

    It's up to you if you want to continue to pursue it, just know a girl can actually really like, and seem like it's not even CLOSE to the case.

    • well, she's not shy at all. I'm not even sure she wants me to chase her. It just seems like I'm not even on her mind and then I'll text her and she thinks "oh yeah, him". I mean...I haven't heard from her in a week! And this after a text the same day after we hungout saying that it was fun.

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