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Ok this is really confusing me. Short.

There's this guy I used to date who I still really like. I barely see him because he is at Uni and isn't home often. Anyway, tonight was the first I've seen him in a long time. We went out to our local bar with mutual friends.

Anyway the first moment (Dylan) saw me, he instantly suggested that I'd be a perfect match with this highly unattractive unappealing guy as a joke. After that I was busy mingling with my other friends and I did notice him glancing over at me often.

I eventually went over to where he was standing and one of his friends started speaking to me...about his BEST FRIEND who I also dated more recently. I TRIED to show that I wasn't interested and Dylan was kinda listening in. Before I knew it he had his coat on and said he was leaving. I was kinda gutted because I wanted to speak to him.

He hugged me and left. So I texted him just after to ask why he left. He just said he hated being down town. I asked if he was OK he said 'Yeah you?' and continued to give me vague answers. When he wasn;t asking me any questions back, I just left it.

I've noticed a few times that if I'm around, he leaves early. He called off the dating thing with me anyway so I don't get what his problem is.

He actually used to do this before we started dating. At that time I spoke to him a lot more and knew it was OK for me to follow him or question him but now it feels like he hates me.

I just hate it because I still really like him. I guess he moved on since its been almost a year since we got together. He's always fine with me until there's a mention of me and his best friend.

I know we both kinda hurt each other but it's all in the past now. When I wanted to speak to him away back last year he didn't want to. And now it's all awkward.

What's happening?


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  • It seems that he doesn't like being around seeing that you are "involved" with some other guy which in this case is Dylan's friend's best friend.

    THough, you should try to call him and text him a lot.

    Try to hang out together even if it's not a date.


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