Did I blow it with this girl?

I've been talking to this girl that I met at a party, and we've been texting regularly for about a week. We're both in the same year in college. When I first met her at a party we made out for a bit and there's definitely attraction because the second time she invited me to hang out with her. The second meeting went terribly wrong, I kissed her for a short period of time but I feel like she was expecting more. I texted her the next day and we talked for a little, but the next time I tried to re initiate a convo over text I got no reply. I feel like I messed my one big chance up, but I'm hoping I'm just over analyzing this. Any thoughts?


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  • Shoulda fked her brah. Shoulda fked her.

    On a serious note, she's a waste of time if she doesn't have the heart to confront you about that night. Sadly a lot of college girls are like this. They can be little chicken sh*ts with their hit and run tactics. Yes, guys aren't the only ones prone to doing it.


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  • Well dude girls can only be so patient. Eventually you have to make a move. You can't just sit there hoping something will happen. What I think happened was she was wondering if you actually liked her and she finally decided that you weren't worth waiting any longer for. She wanted you to have sex with her and you didn't so she moved on.

  • You're over analyzing things. It must be that she's really busy.

    Instead of trying to think things over, simply have a plan on when to hang out with her again, so that the two of you will spend more time with each other.