Help, How to get over my insecurities with my date?

I am dating a guy who is attractive (mid 20s). He was a shy and smart guy in high school. Anyway, I noticed (probably shouldn't look but it was public) his fb profile and I noticed that there are a couple girls who want him to make time to get together again (after 3 years for a cooking event).

I know they must be his acquaintances cause he said that he doesn't really have friend that are girls (mostly family member and acquaintances). He doesn't seem to feel a need for a friend that is girl. He wanted to date me and he was trying for 3 days to explain why I should be open minded about us. He doesn't want to be friend, he wants to date me (he is interested and likes being around me) and see where it goes...

So I went on a date with him and though we are completely different in personality, he has really interesting perspective and a genuine nice guy. It went well, he had fun and want to see me again.

I am concern that other girls likes him and he might end up liking them more when he realize he has feeling for them (from the past).

Should I be concern? How can I get over my insecurity? I am sure he likes me because in text he mentioned that he likes a quality about me. I told him I like spending time with him and that I can't see thing the same because of his perspective. I even researched on the things. He said maybe I can tell him about my research next time. Good night (my name) :)

The truth is I afraid to fall for him because I am very independent and don't like to be emotionally vulnerable. I am starting to feel maybe he is too good for me. Help!

Btw, I am the same age as him.


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  • You shouldn't be concerned about those girls.

    It's clear that he doesn't like them and he only has his eyes for you.

    You should get over it. He really likes you a lot.


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