Do you trust a guy/ girl your dating that suddenly goes M.I.A?

If someone your casually dating just suddenly stops contacting you then reappears after several days or weeks would you continue to pursue things with them?

The guy I was casually dating disappeared for about a week but before that he was very inconsistent would text/ call for a week then not contact me for 2-5 days. We both just recently got out of a relationship before . He was going through a particularly bad break up. I know he struggled with it. He text me the other day apologizing for his absence and asking if I could forgive him and give him a chance. I haven't replied because I'm not 100% sure I should go down that road.

Thoughts guys and girls


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  • You should give him one more chance, tell him that it's his last and when he disappears again without notice, he will never have the chance again to be with you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Casually "Dating" does not mean committed or in a monogamous relationship, unless clearly specified between you two.

    Exclusivity, and implications don't count as committed monogamous relationships for most people.

    Unless he agreed to only stick him penis in you, and only be emotionally available to you, it is safe to assume that he has been "casually dating" other people. By the title alone, he really doesn't owe you anything.

    If you're curious, you could at least ask him what he means by "chance". If you're curious ask him what he is looking for. Ask him if he;s just looking for an open relationship, a monogamous relationship, a polyamerous relationship, or just a NSA type deal. Be non judgmental and listen to his answer, don't be condescending when talking to him. Ask him what he'll expect from you, in any of the above relationships.

    IF you like what he has to say, then tell him exactly what you are looking for. and what you'll expect from him. If all things sound good and feel good, give what ever it is you two decide to do a shot.

    IF you don't like what he has to say, tell him to loose your number and move on. This way no door are left open and you aren't left wondering "what if".

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