Did I do something wrong for her not to text back

Girl I have been talking and have been on numerous and great dates with, hasn't replied back. well I sent her a goodmorning(returning the favor she sends me couple here and there) text yesterday wishing her good luck on her moms house (potential buyer is coming by) and she only replied with "aww thanxs! I just finished tiding up" Well I text back saying "im sure you did an above expecation job". no text. that previous night we had a date and after she said she will give me her work schedule whenever she gets it(she started a new job)


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  • You're freaking out for no reason. There are many different reasons why someone didn't answer someone elses text. They don't don't want to be too available, their phone died, theyre busy (like they're finishing cleaning up and the potential buyer showed up...) Just wait until tomorrow. If she doesn't answer in a day or two you can text her again but don't address the fact that she never answered you...she'll feel smothered.

    • lol I'm bad about freaking out, thanks :D

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