Will I hear from him again?

So...for the past few weeks I've been seeing this guy. I met him about 3 weeks ago. In those weeks, we've gone out a lot, I've met his family, we had a serious talk about us. If we weren't out, then we were texting.

But he went away for the weekend to visit some friends and I know he's busy, but I haven't heard from him again since Friday, when we hung out. It's just unusual for him to go this long without a single text.

Do you think it's over? What's your best guess?


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  • Maybe he is busy hanging out with his friends. You can try to give him some time to text you when he gets back. If not maybe send him a text just to see how he is doing just to see if he replies back or not. I don't think it's over just yet since you met his family and you and him had a serious talk.I think he is just busy.


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  • My best guess is you probably hooked up with him so the chase is over


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