Will we hook up again?

So I met this guy about 6 months ago, we hung out once and then it became a roller coaster ride, we would fight then make up (all via text) but all the while he would continue to persue me. This past weekend we finally hooked up, and it was good. I would like to do it again, but I am not sure if I was a "hit is and quit it" for him. He said "I will talk to you later" when I left but I am not sure if he ment it, I text him the morning after saying "it was fun, let me know if you want to do it again sometime" he never wrote back, but it wasn't a text that really needed a response. So I don't know if I was a one night stand for him.

And after we were finished having sex he said "that was fun" and smiled so I am guessing he enjoyed the sex?!


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  • Don't worry about it too much. Only time will tell what will happen. Just keep doing as you had been and I'm sure it will happen again... He said he will talk to you later and that it was fun so I'd say he enjoyed it.

  • He must be just busy so he can't reply yet.

    He'll definitely hook up again.


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