Does playing games with females work?

Well let me explain I fooled around with this girl had oral but we just remained friends not by my choice. We eould hang out all the time if she wanted to go somewhere I was always down . I basically didn't have my own life smh. for example we would always go to the movies. She would always call are text me . So recently I woke and told my self this isn't working I need a new approach basically I was her puppy there for every need. So I told my self I'm not going to initiate no coversation with . I will respond to her message byt be friendly and still be short. So today she called me I didn't pickup. 20 min later she text me asking what was that credit card she aplied for I replied and told her and never text back. I belive she text just to see if I would respond to her. My end goal I want her sexually but I wouldn't mind a relationship . I know I shouldn't play games but it is what it is.


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  • If you start playing games with her, she'll notice and lose attraction for you, and all of your efforts will be in vain.


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  • don't play games, women play games and it gets complicated enough, if the both of you do it then its just to crazy, rise above it

  • Worry less about "playing games" and more about being a man. If you're independent and do your own thing it'll show. if she knows you're ignoring her and not doing anything... she'll know.

    All playing games does is ruin it.

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