Have I been dating him and not known it?!

This might seem like a ridiculous question because surely you would know if you're dating someone... maybe not!

There's this guy in my work and within maybe the past six months or so, he's broken up with his girlfriend and just become really sociable and friendly (he never used to drink, come out, make an effort with anyone ever!), it's like he's a completely changed person!

Anyway, I started talking to him a lot more because I hadn't had the chance to make friends with him before!

However, lately we've started hanging out a lot more, we've been to the cinema, out for lunch, dinner, nights out together etc.

Bear in mind everybody, throughout this entire time we had had multiple conversations about how he never wanted a girlfriend ever again and how it suited me fine to not have a boyfriend!

So I'm assuming everything is fine although many people have asked us if we're dating because we text constantly, are with each other a lot of the time, and quite tactile people (although we have never kissed or any like that!)

Just to add to the confusion a little bit more. He's running the London marathon in April and I said I would come and support him cause he's going by himself which I thought was a bit rubbish! So now I'm going to London with him, and he's refusing to let me pay my share - - he pays for everything! Also, it's the week of my 21st birthday and he's told me he's bought me multiple presents for it - although his was last month and I didn't get him anything!

I know this is a lot to take in and most people probably won't read it all but the question is: is everybody else right? Are we dating and I've not even realised!?


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  • It seems that the two of you are dating already.

    Though still not official, you're definitely stepping closely to that.


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