Is he friend zoning me?

So went in a fun second date. Conversation was good. There was a bit of handholding and him putting his arm around me or touching the small of my back. He even asked if I would like to do this again. However, there was just. A hug -

No kiss. He usually sleeps with girls on third date so

Is he not attracted to me. Also he was back on the online dating site



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  • "He usually sleeps with girls on third date so"- how do you know this? and how often does it happen for you to think that his MO?

    • He mentioned it on the first date

    • Well then I think he just wants to take things slow, but I'd advise you to be a litlte cautious

  • It seems that he just want to take things slowly, and not to rush things.

    He's still interested in you, and you're still not in the friend zone.


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