Is innocence and purity attractive in a girl?

I'm a junior (16) in high school and am a very innocent and "pure" person. And for some reason, guys just think of me as the cute(in a little girl way), "watch-what-you-say-Around-her", innocent, prude. All the time guys say to me,"awww, you are so cute". I'm not desperate for a boyfriend or anything, I was just curious as to why that is. Are innocence and purity in a girl a turn off?

Also, why do guys my age pursue the girls that chase after them?

I mean, is a challenge just boring now, or something?


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  • Guys tend to enjoy feeling superior (or are pressured to do so). If they are normal and you are "innocent," they would be superior in comparison to you. The pool of guys interested in an "innocent" girl tends to be larger than non-innocent girls. Guys may still be attracted to such confident women, but feel they are either out-of-their-league or have diminished attraction due to their relative inferiority to her.

    This is why for girls who seek the largest dating pool possible (most attention), being innocent and slightly dumb is advantageous. Some girls do this naturally, others as an act. As a result of attraction advantages, girls are pressured to lie.


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