I freaked out after we broke up....

So basically me and my girlfriend met at work and for 3 months had a intense relationship that burnt out because we moved too fast. We talked about it and agreed it was for the best and that we could still be friends. She cried a lot told me she didn't want to lose me and how sorry she was but that she didn't feel the same. Hugged and she left.

I pulled a stupid move and freaked out a couple hours later texting her constantly for a couple hours trying to get her to rethink things. Then texted her a few more times ltaer in the week. One time she responded, said she was fine. We started talking and a past issue got brought up and we started fighting over text. Next day she texted me some pretty awful things like she said I was insane, she was embarrassed to ever have dated me, never to text her again. I didn't respond to any of it. Then she texted me in the morning saying she was sorry for saying those things but that she couldn't handle seeing me beat my self up over our break up. I told her she was right and I wouldn't bother her anymore.

I stayed strong no contact for a week. But we both had one last work shift together. The whole time I thought she had been fine and relieved to be broken up and that she hated me. But at work she looked terrible, broken out, huge circles under her eyes etc... She was rather friendly to me, and even said bye on the way out.

This messed with me and I felt hella bad because she seemed to have been going through what I have for the past couple weeks. I couldn't hold it together and I sent her a couple texts last night. Basically saying, Was good to see you, and hope we can be friends. And that I was sorry for not respecting our mutual break up for like a week after we broke up because I just freaked out. Wished her the best and said I'd stop texting her if I didn't hear anything back.

do you guys think those last texts were mistakes? I sent them so I could forgive my self for how I acted on what was a good break up at first. I don't even expect a response really.


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  • Just let it go, now. You freaked out- that happens. Don't worry about it. And leave it alone.

    • Yeah I'm trying too. part of me hopes she'll reach back out and try to remain friends with me. We both know there is no chance of us getting back together as were both moving to different areas very far away from each other for a couple years. It would be nice to remain in contact with her though from time to time. I can't really believe that she doesn't ever want to talk to me again. I messed up post break up but she expressed several times she didn't want to lose me totally.

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