How do I get things back to normal and him not be mad at me anymore?

ok so there's this guy who is in almost all of my classes and we both like each other (or he says he likes me) and we have since the begining of the year and now he's way more than mad @ me because last night we were txting and talking about how we feel about each other and I geuss I got mad over something else and I slipped and started 2 talk about how it was all his fault and he screwed up not me and he recently lost a girlfriend and I ended my long message with saying "geuss you lost 2 girls now" and I didn't relize how selfish and mean it was @ the time but now he is super mad @ me and he won't text me back no madder what..WHAT DO I DO?!?!


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  • You need to work on your maturity level and move on.


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