Long distance dating!!!!!

I met this very nice young woman online but she lives 2hours drive away from my location, she says she want's to spend lots of time with me. however she txt's me every day, dismissing any date I put forward (even if it's for a few hours). It's her holiday in the next few days and she hasn't sent me a text saying she wants to meet up even though she has so much time on her hands...

I did suggest we go dancing on our first date(sounded fun) early, but now I think she is just stringing me along.

what do you think,

She just said she has to work extra shifts, I just dislike txting each other now and again, I prefer talking face to face or over the phone!

I don't think that's too much to ask

I think she has to make some effort , same as me not just on sided!


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  • She's most likely posing as someone else and is just talking to you for the attention with no real intention of meeting you. Either that or she's apprehensive about meeting a guy she's met online.


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