Broke up with him. He's dating another girl. I'm heartbroken.

I am in 7th grade. Don't say I'm too young.

Okay, so, I was dating a guy named, let's say, Zach. Zach and I couldn't talk to each other, it was too awkward, so I broke up with him.

Two days later, he asked a girl named Shannon out. I really like Shannon, I think she's great, but this kind of ruined the friendship we had.

Anyway, yesterday Shannon and Zach went on a date. Do you know the line in Les Miserables that Eponine says: "Every word he says is a dagger in me"? It's kind of like that. People are always talking about their date at school. And, not only that, but today I was waiting for my friend to get her stuff together since we're an the same bus. (Shannon's locker is next to my friend's.) So, Zach came up to Shannon, looked me straight in the eye, the kissed her on the cheek. I left.

Lastly, I'd like advice about how a 7th grader can become popular. Don't say it doesn't matter. Just answer my question.

What do I talk about with Shannon? What do I do about Zach? How can I become popular? Thanks,



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  • he's scum if he only waited 2 days. it hurts now but think in the long run, he's not worth your time. using jealousy to get you back. that's just low. Get a guy that'll treat you right


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  • K well honey your stuck on a bunch of superficial crap that doesn't matter. As a person who has gone through all the stuff you will, I promise you when you graduate not one soul will give a lick bout your popularity. You should find happiness in where you are because I hate to break it to you but this is as good as it gets. Stuff just gets more complicated and stressful from here. In regards to your boyfriend obviously the relationship was also superficial. You truly are too young to have a legitimate relationship whether I tell you or not. Your question is proof of this. Sorry to just lay that all out there but hopefully you will be humble enough to take my advice. Or at least consider it.

  • Oh my god. You are 13 for Gods sake. You have 20 years to date and get married. Dating sucks. Take it from someone who's 10 years older than you and still doesn't want to date. Men suck. You need to focus on making good, solid friendships and enjoying middle and high school. Honestly, you'll have plenty of time to date in a few years. This guy you "like" won't mean anything to yoy in a few weeks. you'll like another boy. that's how being young is. As for being popular, I understand that being a teenager is hard. All you want to do is fit in. But instead of worrying about "being popular" find a good group of friends and stick with them. That's way better than popularity. Take this from a former party girl who lost all her friends and popularity over a boy senior year. I would do anything to go back and make better friends rather than partying and hooking up with boys.

    • I understand that you haven't met the man of your dreams yet. By I have. I know I said I just liked him, but it's not just that. I love him.

    • You're in 7th grade.. You don't know what love is. Comment back on this next year. You won't even be able to tell me why you liked this guy by then.

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