Why are people on here so obsessed with race and dating?

I don't understand it.

Do you think interracial dating cool..

Is bob the builder and dora hooking up?..

What race would you prefer to date..

So and so race would you date me..

Would you date outside your race..

I don't date so and so race..

Like the hell people? Haha, someone please explain it to me, why does it matter so much?


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  • for real brah? bob and dora are dating? small world brah.


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  • The truth is many non-white people have a white fetish and want to know if white would date them and I also notice that women are more likely to exclude most non-white races.

    • what about the many Whites who have fetishes with other races. It works both ways and it's dependent on the individual, not the race. Generally, it's some people of other races who start believing stereotypes about the opposite gender within their own race that see Whites as an additional dating option and some Whites who tend to have fetishes about other races.

    • "what about the many Whites who have fetishes"

      Many do have fetishes but many don't exclude people from their race while many non-whites believe that white people are the only attractive people and exclude non-whites but let's be real most white people only like to have sex with other races but not marry them that would explain why whites have the lowest interracial marriage rate.

      Whites don't want to ruin their genes and non-whites want to "better" theirs.

  • People like to ask provocative questions to stir up sh*t. =P


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  • Because some people have in their mind certain races aren't good enough for them.Secondly,It could be that they just dislike that one race generally for some reasons so they exclude them in their dating list.Its such a stupid thing to do though.Just because they dislike certain people in that race they include the entire people.

    I don't look down on any races.I find every races have good looking guys.I am Indian and I will date any races that I find attractive,including mine.(not the pervert one though).Btw I also notice some people (especially non White) exclude their own race in dating and their reason is 'preference'

    Not sure if its really a 'preference' or self hate excuse :) :) :)

    • It's self-hate imo, I've seen enough of those cases to think it stems from their own lack of self acceptance. And I agree with everything else you said.

    • Yeah that is why I said they throw the word 'preference' to avoid being seen as a self hater person.To be honest I am disgust with those people.They have issue about themselves.

    • True many non-white people have a white fetish . I'm Hispanic and have seen men and women of my background getting with some of the most unattractive white people you will ever see.

  • I'm not obsessed with race at all. The only people race matters to is extremely ignorant and racist people, usually like older generations (my parents are kinda obsessed with race, but I know many Indians who are extremely obsessed with it and it pisses me off. I'm Indian by the way lol.)

    A little bit to my parents dismay, I only date White and Hispanic men because for some reason, those are the only two races I find attractive.

    For me, race plays no role in love.

    • Well, isn't that contradictory. You just said you weren't obsessed with race but then you go on to say I only date white and Hispanic while hiding behind the veil of preference.

      How uncouth.

      I'm pretty sure I can pull up pics of guys of various races that you would be extremely attracted to. But then again, when has your opinion mattered.

    • Flamingo kind of has a good point, what says ye Texancowgirl?

    • Just because for whatever reason I'm only attracted to white and Hispanic men doesn't mean I'm obsessed about race.

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