Why would she ignore me after she pursued me and we have even been intimate & why the friends card now?

This women I've been dating was pursueing me hardcore.. very interested. we have had amazing sex. she went from texting me early in the morning at 6 and calling me & talking with me for hoyrs on the phone to ignoring me.. it confused me so I asked her what was up. I sort of forced an answer from her by telling her I was saying goodbye. I should of played it cool. she said well hope everything works out with you. I told her I sent that message not thinking and to scratch it.. she texted me the next day and said I'm not mad but you did this before. She said she likes me but she thinks we should be friends.. I have completely backed off the last 2 & a half days.. how can I recover.


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  • yup agreed.

  • You probably let her do all the pursuing for too long. She was feeling used and hoping you'd step it up.

    • I very much pursued her too. I would have a plan and she would follow through with it.. it was pretty even.. I would take charge in a positive way

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