Does he like me and will he text ever again?

kay so long story very simplified: This guy and I had little crushes on each other briefly freshman year, hardly spoke sophomore year, then this fall of junior year we worked on a school event together. I feel like he always looked at me and when I look at him my heart jumps and I just really really like him. so he treats my mom very nice and he's come over for the school event thing. we said hi in the halls and then stopped getting the opportunity to cross paths. then basketball season started and he's on the team and I'm a cheerleader. I also feel like there he was always looking at me from across the sidelines.

So his birthday was Monday and I finally got up the nerve to text him because I Haven't seen him and I was just putting it out there. He responded all sweet and actually thanking me by name. We talked for about 15 minutes but then I had to go and I didn't want be the annoying girl texting him on his birthday.

The next day in class, I noticed his brother and friends kind of looked and me differently and noticed me more (as if I'm hoping this guy told them about my gutsy text!)

So now its been a week and I Haven't heard from him, not that I'm necessarily expecting to but I thought it could be a possibility.

Do you think he ever will text me or is he trying to play it cool and take a while? or was he just being friendly and maybe it meant nothing to him (but he responded to my texts within seconds! ).

Any thoughts would be really appreciated- thanks :)


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  • It seems that he really likes you a lot, since there's that constant eye contacts and long text conversations. Text him again, and definitely, he'll text you back.


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