Women: would you date a guy with these political views?

Basically, I'm indepedent, and I go against conventional thought a lot, and don't like parties or ideologies, but I'm not too radical or extreme.

I don't argue a lot, and I'm very tolerant of other peoples opinions as long as they are of mine.

Women, could you date or enter a relationship with a guy of these views assuming he was an overall attractive guy whose a trill to be with.


Abortion - is technically murder, but allowable at early stages.

unfortunate but don't want government interference

Affirmative Action - against. people should be judged based on

abilities, not by their demographics. no quotas should exist.

Drugs: Legalize Marijuana. Hesistant on harder drugs like heroin and cocaine.

Campaign: Restrictions on campaigns should stay in place

Crime: Rehabiliation is good for the long run. Still keep rule of law.

Death Penalty: Not morally against it, just think life in prison is a better option.

Education: Privatize education, allow more options, standardized tests are good

Global Warming: Unsure because of bullsh*t on both sides.

Arab Spring: Replacing dictatorship with another dictatorship. Allow middle

east to make their own stupid decisions so only they are responsible. They

will abolish their rampant theocracy when they're ready.

Euthanasia: Terminally ill people should have the legal right to seek doctor

assisted suicide.

Free Speech: Reasonable limits include copyright infringement, harassment,

threats, divulgence of private information, etc. But saying something offensive

or hate speech isn't because it has no strict parameters.

Guns: Allow responsible people to carry guns. 2nd Amendment, considering

all the pros and cons is still relevant. Media covered shootings get attention, but

not day to day shootings.

Patriot Act: A grim and unfortunate necessity. Critics of it overexaggerated its harm.

Church and State: Separate the two, always.

Gay Rights: Gays should have the right to federally recognized civil unions, just

as straights should. But we can call it marriage if we want to.

Health Care: Abolish mandatory licensing, allowing free choice. Tort reform.

Immigration: Allow people in legally, use military to strengthen border security.

It is a form of protectionism. We all don't want to compete against $5 hour labor.

Let's be honest about that.

Labor Unions: Right to exist, serve a fundamental cause in society, but often over

reach their boundaries, especially in public service. Some unions ask for wages

and pensions which are simply too much for a company or taxfund to cover.

Iraq/Afghanistan: Invading Iraq was a poor decision, which was a boon to Iran.

Increasing war efforts in Afghanistan while drawing down in Iraq was the right

thing to do.

Social Security: Agree with the premise of wealth distribution and elderly pensions

but done wrong and needs to be reformed badly.

Women's rights: A lot of feminists make good points, but extreme feminists can

be dogmatic and overassuming.

NASA: Keep for national/global security purposes.

Taxes: Progressive. Wealthy have proven that they are willing to pay more, to

an extent. But taxing the wealthy should not be used as a means to justify

deficit spending.

No Child Left Behind: Largely ineffective program, but disagree with the criticism

that standardized tests should be done away with.

Obamacare: A natural consequence of Republicans proposing no reforms for 30

years. Far from my desired health care reform, passed sneakily, but better than

absolutely no reform.

Iran: Must not be allowed to make weapons of mass destruction, but also a war

against Iran must be avoided. Covert operations, possible.

Alternative Energy: Dramatically expand domestic oil drilling. Allow for

solar, wind and hydroelectric energy. But recognize nuclear power as

safe and efficient and a stigma we need to get over.

Debt: Happens because people want lower taxes and higher expenditures.

Israel-Palestine: Pro-Israel, against the islamic in the middle east. Two state

solution only if Israel is guarenteed (with more than words) they won't be



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  • Probably not. I think we'd argue a bit too much lol And I look for certain moral character, which is usually reflected in a very liberal mentality.

    I'm very very liberal, feminist, atheist, vegan, I believe in environmental activism, I'm mostly African American...just, no. wouldn't work. lol I'm like a poster child for liberalism, its practically sickening. You wouldn't want to deal with all that would you? I'm sure it would frustrate you just as much!

    However, I think its good that you at least have opinions. Of course uneducated opinions are quite dangerous, so I guess I get caught between appreciating people who care (ish) enough to think about these things, and at least be able to identify these issues, and really wanting no opinions unless they are well thought out, well researched, and applied with a logical thought process.

    We may be able to be friends, but I doubt we'd be too close. People with opposing views rarely are, unless we avoid talking about politics, race, religion, etc. and well, lets face it - that's damn near impossible for me. I like to be able to talk to my close friends about things and definitely my boyfriend

    BUT rest assured, my love. There are plenty of women who share your views or share enough of them that there would not be as much dissonance as there would be between a man like you and a woman like me. And I find this is best when it comes to relationships in general.

    I wouldn't worry. Most people aren't nearly political enough to give a sh*t, to be honest.


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  • I don't agree with you on some issues, but I think we'd agree on enough to make a good match. So yeah, I guess I'd date you if you are as you claim

  • Nope, we'd argue too much.

    P.S. Affirmative action doesn't use quotas, that's illegal.

    • Uh-huh and yet...

    • ...and yet everyone seems to think that's how it works.


  • In all honesty you would probably be too passive for me. You have too many "rules" I feel like everything contradicts itself!

    • All these things aren't objective rules, just my opinions on how I would prefer them, but I'm perfectly happy living in the world we are in today. I appreciate your honestly, but I'm curious about your response. What do you mean by passive?

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