Why hasn't he texted yet?

Hung out with the guy plenty, texted all the time. Sometimes he wouldn't stop, and then text me in a couple of days, and that was fine. A couple of days ago, he came over for a movie, and he ended up sleeping over. He didn't initiate any sexual activity, just cuddled and kissed me and we went to sleep. This was Friday, and it's Monday now, and he hasn't texted yet. Usually, he would by now. Should I text him myself, should I wait, or should I just let it go?


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  • I think you should stop over analyzing this. Tell all your girlfriends to stop doing the same thing over guys about texting/calling/messaging/tweeting/emailing/writing/etc.

    Thank you

  • You should text him. It seems that he's waiting for you to initiate.


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