How do you get a guy to admit his feelings?

Long story short I'm 24 met 33 yo online three months ago we were just casual dating, but he treated me w kindness respect, paid our dates, cooked me dinner, and very affectionate. I got scared and ran away since he needs sex in a relationship. I'm a virgin and want to be in love first. I liked him and was afraid he didn't feel the same. He didn't tell me if he liked me! But he didn't want me to leave him alone, so I suggested we be friends.

We still talked and tezted, but anytime he suggested we meet and I set a date he'd cancel that he's busy. I finally told him I wanted him back, but he had to "think about it" so I got upset and he said we should just be friends. I've now treTed him more as a friend and he's giving me more attemtion. He gave me a ride somewhere and we met for lunch this weekend. He hates the place we went to, but said he did it for me. We paid separate, but when we got dessert he told me hell get the check. I was so quiet and shy and he mentioned it and kept smilimg at me ,at the end, he gave me a long, tight hug goodbye w an intense stare. Why won't he tell me how he feels!?
How do you get a guy to admit his feelings?
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