Guy Friend and Limits: Everday communication

I've been on the other end here, like I've been really caring for and to this certain guy but actually got no feelings for him. But our ways aren't physical, like we just text and message each other a lot since we're both far (but still in the same city) from each other. We share each others' deepest miseries, we comfort and encourage one another, we say goodnight, text random "I miss you's" we talk about guys I like and girls he likes and what not.

There was one time this guy got really depressed and I kept on encouraging him to the point that I told him "Hey look, you are important to this world and you shouldn't let other people put you down. Keep in mind that I love you and I'll always be here no matter what! Cheer up!"

But I really have no feelings for him. Even my best friend (girl) thought I did, but nope. I don't.

And after two months he stopped communicating with me. Like at first, replies started really getting delayed, then at Valentine's I had to greet him first. Not that I was expecting he would, but I miss our little talks :(

So now, I realized he stopped communicating with me. Why is that?


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  • It seems that the depression is still haunting him until now.

    You should simply start to spend more time with him. Talk to him a lot. And, if you can, you can just call him to avoid those delayed texts.

    • You shouldn't have gone anonymous! Your answer's good.:) Hmmm. You're right. I really didn't look at it that way. I thought he might be creeped out when I said "...I love you and I'll always be there etc" would you think that might be possible too?

    • Do you know who I am? XD

      I'm still new to GAG.

      You should hold on to the love phrase and save it for later, and it will work.

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  • So are you still talking to him? Has he responded? If you don't "love" him like that, maybe it's not right to say "I love you". He might get the wrong message. Also, what exactly did he go through? how do you know he was depressed? If you let us know (you don't have to), we (GAGers) might even be able to help with that.


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