He's trying to be cold and he admits it.I can't get it

So I'm dating this really cool dude for like one month now and we've been talking over Facebook and phone a month before we started dating and we really liked each other (Btw he's from a different town) So he was calling me every night before he goes to sleep or sometimes during the day and he was sending me all those sweet messages and text's like he was in love.We have so much incoming and he told me he never met a girl like me before.So he came to my city just to see me and the whole apartment was just for the two of us so we had sex and he told me he loved doing it with me and so many kind stuff like 'I can lay with you for hours' or that he even wanted to move in with me LOL so he was with me 4 days then he went back home and a week before that he came again and it was fun everything was great,but now he doesn't talk to me like that not even that often,he doesn't text me or call me but we are still in a relationship on Facebook where people can see it and he admits he's trying to be cold and I don't f*cking get it and it pisses me off.Should I worry? I don't really care what will happen if he still acts like that,but he's a great guy!


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  • You should really worry. It seems that he just used you for hookup, and nothing more than that.


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