Out the door or just overacting?

So I started dating this guy in February and three days after we started dating his grandma died. We were fine during all of that and we made it through about a week ago he said I love you and I was taken aback by it since it was only about a month into the relationship, and then we spent a weekend together and he went through my phone and didn't like me talking to other guys. We got thought that as well then last week we were supposed to hang out 2 and both times like 20 minutes before he would cancel because he had to take care of his sister, which is understandable. We hung out this weekend on Saturday and we were great but since then he won't or hardly texts me and I asked about it one day and he was like I left my phone at home and yesterday it was only three texts. Any guys out there have any advice I have no idea what to do? Oh and he's 23 and I'm 20


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  • He's already very controlling after only a month...he'll only get worse if you get more serious.

    Maybe it's for the best he's started to ignore you! You have a reason to break up!

  • I think your dating will probably very well but it is a problem why he doesn't let you to talk other guys? If I am in your situation I say him reason of this bans. In case of he had to take care of his sister, he is not likely to deal with you... But it is not considerable reason you should be relax and observe his acts for a time.


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