When a guy cancels a first date

Things were going nice and cool with this guy. He asked me out and an hour before our date he cancelled it via text saying he couldn't make it and stuff and that he'll call and tell me why. Although he didn't.

After a few days he send me a couple of texts saying that he wants to talk to me and hasn't been able to before and if I remember him and stuff. This was yesterday. I Haven't texted back yet because I'm confused.

So at first he seemed very interested, then behaved that way, now not I'm sure. How do I respond to that?


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  • Unless somebody died, a scenario which is unlikely due to him not telling you the reason for the cancellation and doing it via text, or he got pulled out of the state/country he's got no excuse for blowing you off. Especially not after 3 days, only communicating via text.

    He's rude and probably blowing you off. Move on.


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  • It sounds like he's blowing you off. I'd move on


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