Negative dating experiences and feeling betrayed / humiliated as a result.

I've had some bad dating experiences (been stood up, led on etc.) that now make me feel like these people wanted to humiliate me and hurt my feelings. Sorry I can't be optimistic about finding love now. Do you have suggestions on how to get out of this vicious circle?


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  • Don't worry about any relationships right now, take time and focus on yourself, It's what I'm doing. Focus on school/work, hang out with friends, go and have fun and enjoy the single life. When you feel like you're ready to start dating, try again.

    By the way I'm pretty sure a lot of us have had a bad experience with dating, don't let it discourage you too much.


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  • Ive had same experiences... First guy I was going out with couldn't forget his ex and even compared me with her. The second one I've dated was flirting with other girls. And the third one was influenced by his mother and dumped me for her...?!?!?!?! I've never been in sexual relationship with any of these guys since I wait for the right one who won't hurt me. But still... You have to believe that there is someone special for everyone. and not to blame yourself for what has happened. Good luck! :D