Is he interested or move on?

My friend's scenario:

Guy and girl start texting everyday for 3 weeks. (im talking a total of 1400 texts sent)

Texts are mostly flirty, but not all.

Both of them keep trying to set up a time to meet up, but things keep happening that they dont. (falling asleep, work, etc)

Eventually after 3 weeks they meet up but only for a half hour. Both the guy and girl have friends with them. Things seem to have gone well.

Guy texts girl the next day saying she was even cuter in person than he had thought. Texts continue.

Two days later the girl gets up the nerve and asks the guy what his week looks like - hoping for a date with just the two of them.

Guy replies saying he is busy this week unfortunately.

Girl thinks that this means he is not interested and replies "gotcha, well have a good week!"

The guy turns around and starts up text with " I can't believe Easter is this week"



This guy, not if it matters came out of a 7 year relationship a little over a year ago. hasn't been in a relationship since that I know of.

The last they texted was this morning with the above.


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  • I'll say give him another week after easter. If he says that he can't meet up, then tell her to text or call him and asked him what is the deal between them two. Find out the truth

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  • Theres really no way to tell, he sounds to me, genuinely busy, but interested, saying things like '' she was even cuter in person.'' especially if he's juggling work & school, this is just my opinion though, has he been texting/talking to you still?

    • as far as I know the above is the last they texted each other (this actually just happened this morning) she just wasn't sure if it was a cop out or of he actually IS busy.

  • He's just genuinely busy.

    The girl should give it a try again after this week.


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  • He doesn't sound interested. If a guy likes a girl, he will do anything to free up time and spend time with her.

    From my own experience, one time I couldn't come home from college because my dad couldn't come pick me up. Since my car is a piece of crap lately, I told my boyfriend we wouldn't be able to see each other (I only see him on the weekends because of school). The man drove 2 hours to come pick me up and bring me home so we could spend time together! He even had work the next day but he still that because he WANTS to spend time with me.

    I would say he only wants to be friends and she should move on and find someone who has time for her.

  • Keep text with him and see if he's asking you out.

    He told you you are cuter in person and he keeps texting you like he did before. Those are goos signs. Don't get to the concludion yet just get to know him more!

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