Is he wanting out but too afraid to say it?

Well in an earlier post I mentioned who I was dating and how difficult it has been to date a much younger guy. I have recently noticed a huge change in his attitude towards me...never online much like he used to be and telling me not to text him unless he texts first because his dad uses his phone! Well today I noticed him on Facebook but he said nothing to continued most morning and then I felt that I had to say something because I am falling apart slowly but surely because I have strong feelings for him! I sent him a message telling him that he needs to be honest and open with me...He sent me a this reply "If you are accusing me then consider us done" I do not know what to think and I am sitting here crying my eyes out!

Ughh...Just when I was preparing myself for him to bail out on me he was EXTRA sweet last night..He met me after my gym workout in the parking lot. We sat chatting for about an hour. We hugged, messed around, chatted and laughed a lot...Yet I am worried


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  • It seems her really wants to be out. You should stop associating yourself with him because it looks pretty hopeless.


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  • Accusing him of what? This doesn't make sense. What did you say before he said that?

    • He is behaving as though there is somebody else..for instance he will not allow me to text him certain times or he will not reply. He also goes unreachable for a whole night and tells me he fell asleep at 7:30 pm! I merely suggested that he must be open with me and I told him on a previous occasion that I would bail out if he cheats

    • Sounds like he does want out, and he did say it.

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  • wow he's a cheater-you never accused him of anything-It's a lie about his dad...come on-he doesn't want the new girl to see...I've been cheated on before-this guy is a straight up cheater and treating you like crap-get out and dump him straight up

    • Thanks you seurcha, I appreciate your opinion!

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    • Ughhh...the most frustrating thing about this is that I was hoping he would just leave but last night we spent a wonderful time together...we had to tear ourselves away from each other, yet today he is cold..ignoring me on Facebook!

    • I hear ya girl-i'm going through a frustrating situation myself.

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