My friend hasn't answered texts, calls, or messages in 5 days.

My friend has been in and out of psychiatric wards and therapies lately for her depression. She was released from the last one a week ago, and for 5 days has not answered anything. We are worried about her. We called all the surrounding centers and hospitals as well and no one has her there. Her car is at home and she normally drove herself. We knocked and there was no answer. Any advice on what we should do? Please help.


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  • Hello,

    I am very sorry to hear that your friend is suffering from severe depression and you are worried about her. I am a 17 year old guy who is unfortunately too familiar with your story... I've been in help centres, psychiatric wards and emergency hospitals for my suicidal tendencies, paranoia, manic depression amongst other issues...

    If nobody has seen her for the last few days and no-one can make any contact with her, I would strongly advise calling the police. If she is suicidal as I was, she may at first hate the fact that you called the police, but on the long term she will hopefully understand that you did it as you were worried and care about her. Declare her as a missing person and explain her situation so that they can declare her at a high suicide risk.

    Please whatever you do, be there for her. She may lash out, feel isolated or even harm herself, but having someone there when I was completely alone kept me from leaving this world last time...

    If you EVER need me, please message me.

    I will do whatever I can to help both yourself and your friend as nobody should be in that situation. I will gladly sit and listen for hours, speak about anything from disinfecting wounds to favorite cereal types.

    If you EVER need me, please message me.

    - MashDown5

    • thank you so much. My friends are leaving now to go to the police. She has been self harming so we decided that was best. I hope you are doing better as well, and I hope she is OK and will be doing better also. I will post on here what happens. We are all scared right now. Thank you so much for your advice, support, and help! You are amazing and really helped me know exactly what to do.

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    • Oooh thanks for the best answer =D

      That's my third one ever and third today :)

      I'm drunk alone and now feeling even better =D

      I've accepted you as my first friend as I would genuinely love to help you, so like I've said continuously, feel free to message me whenever about whatever =D

      Glad to have helped ^^


    • We finally found her. She was in the hospital but did not drive herself this time. She only took her phone, house keys and wallet with her. I don't know why she wasn't answering her phone, but at least she is safe. There was a large bottle of alcohol almost completely gone in her apartment, which is sad because she has been going to AA meetings. And I would never look down on someone for self harming. I have done it before, but even if I hadn't its never been something I didn't take seriously.

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  • Simply search for her. Or you can even call the cops for search assistance.


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  • Tell the police