Is what he is telling me a lie?

So, my ex boyfriend claims that he doesn't like me anymore but I think he is lying. I asked him to go to prom with me but he turned me down and ended up going with a girl three years younger than him. On prom night he danced beside me and my date all night long and my date told me that my ex hit him in the ribs and jerks his hands off of me when we was dancing, before prom when my date and I was taking our pictures he couldn't keep his eyes off of me and he was staring my date down too. To me his actions seem like he still likes me but he says he doesn't.


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  • it could be that he still likes you or that he is just jealous because he had to see you with another guy and he didn't think you would ask anyone else to prom. if he keeps say he doesn't then move on because you deserve someone who want hold back on how they feel in the end if he does still have feels for you it will come out just wait and don't worry enjoy your life and don't stress it