Why does it seem like he lost interest when we started dating?

I swear this guy was awesome, so nice, so fun, talkative, interested and finally we go out on a date to dinner and he has nothing to say... and since then we're out of things to talk about... what's up with that?


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  • Probably he is not confident enough to be open about himself. Usually at this point where you 'run out' of things to talk about, it is up to the guy to make an effort to open up about himself. He could also be losing interest in the relationship or something else is bothering him. Try to spark more conversation with him, if he is still flat about it, give him some time away from you, that always motivates us to try harder :)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I don't know what about our relationship he wouldn't like. I think he's a bit more conservative than most? Once he said we could give up all sexual things so we could really get to know each other. I was like, offended, but he's right. He and I are SO bus why that we usually just get together and spend the night haha... I mean, we hardly have time to go out. It's not that we wouldn't if we could. I see that as our only major problem, if that's a problem?

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